Therizinosaur Dinosaur Egg Information

A small 3.5 inch round egg which has been positively identified as Therizinosaur THAIR-ih-ZINE-oh-sawr. Actual embryos have been discovered inside these eggs from Henan Province, China. Click Here for to learn more about embryo studies.

Therizinosaur was a type of theropod (meat eating dinosaur). Adults ranged in size from 12 to 30 feet in length. Apart from their size, they differed greatly from the meat eating carnosaur theropods that have massive skulls and teeth well suited for penetrating prey.

Therizinosaur skulls were small and weakly armed with teeth. The forelimbs were elongated and ended in large claws. The neck is reminiscent of that of sauropods. So is the round shape of the eggs. Therizinosaur embryos had flexible vertebral columns unlike typical theropods which have rigid spinal columns requiring elongated shaped eggs. Therizinosaur is a mix of theropod and herbivorous dinosaur characteristics. Their remains are typically found in sediments deposited in river or lake environments. Their eggs were well designed to be buried and left to incubate in the sun much like sauropod and turtle eggs.

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