Dinosaur Egg Detectives Cracking the Case
Page 5 - Charlie Magovern, Boulder, Colorado

Charlie Magovern discovered the only hatchling dinosaur ever found articulated, with its bones aligned as they were in life. It also has the distinction of being the only dinosaur hatchling ever discovered at 2 a.m.

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Courtesy of StoneCompany.com
Charlie Magovern pictured
with the "Baby Louie" and its block of eggs

"I was working late one night in my preparation laboratory in Boulder, Colorado on a large block of eggs from central China that I had purchased from a group of Chinese Geologists," Magovern recounts. "I knew the block contained at least four giant dinosaur eggs, each about 18 inches in length. I noticed what appeared to be a few bone fragments in the chisel gouges left by the crude Chinese excavation. I could not sleep until I confirmed that this was something more than wishful thinking. After two more hours of careful cleaning and inspection in this miniature dig site, I had outlined what appeared to be a tibia or perhaps a femur.

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