Dinosaur Egg Detectives Cracking the Case
Part 7 - "Baby Louie"

Over the years, since the first exciting moment of discovery, Magovern has worked periodically on the block with a skillful and steady hand to remove the soft surrounding matrix, grain by grain, with sharp needles made from thin carbide rods.

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Courtesy of StoneCompany.com
dinosaur embryo "Baby Louie"
discovered by Charlie Magovern

So far, he has found embryonic bones of two of "Baby Louie's" siblings that were entombed inside other eggs in the block. There may still be others yet to be discovered. Apparently, the hatchling "Baby Louie" emerged from its egg into a hostile environment that preserved the clutch of fully developed embryos at that moment in time.

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Courtesy of StoneCompany.com embryonic dinosaur bones found inside giant elongated dinosaur eggs
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