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Geological Time

Geologic time is a very difficult concept for humans to grasp because of it's sheer magnitude. A million years is a very, very long time in human terms. The Earth was formed 4,500 million years ago. One thousand five hundred million years later, 3000 million years ago, the first life form, cyanobacteria appeared. Very early complex life forms first began to flourish 550 million years ago at the beginning of the Cambrian Period.

One million years ago, man first began to fashion VERY crude pebble tools. What will earth be like a million years from now? Please click another colored block to learn more about Earth's history.

Please note that, except for the precambrian era, the time line is to scale. Notice also that the Quaternary Period (2mya to recent), which included the Holocene Epoch which began 100,000 years ago, is so small it doesn't fit on the chart. Please click Cenozoic Time for a zoom.

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