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Geological Time - Jurassic Period
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The Jurassic Period started 210 million years ago and ended 145 million years ago. It was was the height of the dinosaurs existence on earth. Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roamed the Earth, with lush vegetation nearly everywhere. Evergreens were in abundance. Archaeopteryx, the first bird, appeared in the late Jurassic Period along with a number of species of flying reptiles called pterasaurs.

The oceans were home to many species of sharks, fishes and aquatic reptiles. Though the arthropod trilobite had vanished from the seas at the close of the Paleozoic, many species of the cephlopod mollusk ammonite thrived during the Mesozoic, reaching their peak during the Jurassic Period, for the dining pleasure of the many carnivorous vertebrates of the sea.

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