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Geological Time - Quaternary Period
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 Notice the timelines we have presented are constructed to scale to help put geologic time in proportional perspective. The time man has inhabited the planet is so small, it doesn't even fit on the our geologic time chart. Only when we view the Cenozoic Era alone to we even see the quaternary.

The zoom to the left shows only the Quaternary. The black line separating the heading and the Holocene Epoch represents 10,000 years, back to the time of the last ice age. Divide that black line by ten and you have one thousand years, a millenium. Divide it again to represent a human lifetime generally, at most, a hundred years.

We hope this helps put geologic time in perspective.

 The Quaternary Period began 2 million years ago and brings us to present day. It is divided into 2 epochs, the Pleistocene and Holocene (recent). It is characterized by extinctions of many species during the great glaciations of the Ice Ages. Homo Sapiens appeared during this Period. No species has ever before changed the Earth so much in such a small period of time as the human animal.

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